First of all, THANK YOU! We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to offer our program to your school. We know how much you care and are humbled by the dedication and commitment teachers bring to their students every day. We are passionate about helping children live healthier, happier lives and are thrilled to offer teachers and schools a fun program that introduces the concept of values, goodness and health into their classrooms.

Adopt-a-Mouse is a simple idea, based on decades of scientifically grounded research; Doing Good is Good for You. Our comprehensive program (based on the Amazing Mouse book, Better than Cheese) addresses the physical, emotional, social and academic benefits of values-based education. We have teamed up with Dr. Stephen Post, bestselling author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People and an internationally recognized expert in the field of altruism. We know schools face serious financial challenges and are forced to make difficult economic decisions. This is why we are offering Adopt-a-Mouse free of charge to schools that are willing to implement our program. Please share this unique and life-changing program with your fellow teachers and community school systems.

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